Wild sitter screws her chief


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Victoria Vargaz was sent to one of the club's well established clients. Her job was elementary - sight after the baby, feed it, and don't go to the couple's bedroom. Ordinary enough, but being the horny tiny minx she is, as shortly as her manager was gone, she went in there, and put one pair of the wife's boots on. That made her awkward and while stumbling around she spilt the baby's milk before she could feed him. She had to think on her feet, so she took of her shirt, and attempted to milk herself just as the hubby got back. But it seems her manager was naughty too, and helped her vibrate her breasts. But gargling milk out of that lean super-bitch proved difficult, so they went upstairs to go to the next level - firm fuckin' on the bed. Well, they didn't seem to get any milk for the baby, but at least Victoria got her daily dosage of manmilk!