The sultry Mexican vengeance of Sophia Leone with the waiter


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Sophia Leone is blissfully glad at the restaurant with her boyfriend, even however nobody comes to take their order and they keep on wait in vain. Her fellow ultimately heads to glance for the waiter and smart Sophia takes that time to looks thru his phone. She can't believe what she finds - nudes pics of another woman! She’s raging and when the bastard is back with the waiter, Ramon, Sophia ditches him! The furious Latina has a chill warm vengeance plan - she takes the waiter to her place for a super-cute rebound fuck! She can't wait to taste his gigantic penis and gets on her knees to wraps her ideal lips around the stranger's cock. Nothing says vengeance like sending her beau a pic of Ramon’s ginormous prick in her cunt! Now it's time for the truly exquisite fuck.