Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why are videos pausing or running so slow?

This is due to your slow connection. Please ensure no one is downloading on your network. Resetting your modem and/or router may also help.

Why can't I download a video?

It takes a while for fresh updates to upload. Please give it a few minutes until videos are done uploading and try again later.

Why are videos not playing?

You probably don't have Flash installed. Download Flash here and click the play button.

How can I contact a Porntube69 member?

It's easy! Click on a profile and select "Send Message". We recommend to add members to your friendlist. This gives you the option to select them from a dropdown menu on the "Compose Message" page.

How can I change my profile picture?

You can simply click here when you're logged in, or; when you're logged in click on your username, highlighted in red at the top of the page. On your profile page select click the "Change Picture" link that shows up when you hover your mouse over the image. upload a photo and you're done!

Who is online right now?

We have an easy way to find horny users online. Once you're logged in click the "My Community" link. This page will show you our most popular members and members currently online.

How can I remove my profile from the site?

To remove your website profile, click on your username. Click on "Edit Profile" above your profile picture. On the next page click "Delete Profile" located at the top of the screen and confirm the deletion of the account.